Articles about artist J. M. Thieme:
"Art for Life" by Aldene Fredenburg, Connection, December '09
"Art Teacher Turned Professional Artist" by Brittany Bevis, The Equine Chronicle, Jan/Feb '10

As the oldest of six children growing up in suburban Illinois, the chance for Jeanne Thieme to interact with, much less own her own horse were very slim.

However, Thieme says she has always felt that horses were in her blood. In fact, she started to draw horses the very first time she picked up a pencil.

Her dream to live the rural life on a farm with animals became a reality when she and her husband moved to Swanzey, New Hampshire 30 years ago. After buying a small farm, one thing led to another and she became immersed in painting, drawing, riding and living with horses.

Thieme began a career in art after graduating from Southern Connecticut State College with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education. She started out doing illustration and design in a Connecticut art studio. After moving to New Hampshire, she worked as a freelancer with local art studios and began teaching at Keene High School. [Winter Finale 16x24 watercolor]

Initially, she began painting in watercolors and after a few years started to experiment with oil paints.

I love to paint loosely, so the watercolor was a natural medium for my spontaneous way of painting, says Thieme. - When I started with oils, my goal was to capture that looseness and spontaneity that came with watercolor painting.

As an artist and horse lover, Thieme strives to capture the horses energy, power and mystique in her work. She finds a lot of her inspiration by exploring the beautiful New England Countryside on horseback.

While I respect a perfect representation of a photograph of a horse, it is the energy, vibrancy and movement of the horse that I seek versus perfect anatomy and every hair in place Thieme says. There is a mystique about this animal that resonates with me, so I continue to challenge myself to keep peeling away the layers of what makes a horse tick.

After becoming the Fine Art Department Chairperson at Keene High School, Thieme made the difficult decision to leave teaching in order to pursue a full-time career as a professional artist.

“This was such a leap of faith,” Thieme says. “But I had reached a point where I really needed to see where my work could take me. Teaching was starting to lose its fresh excitement and was taking more and more time away from my painting and I knew it was time to make a career change.”

Currently, she owns and operates Pipe Dreams Studios, is a member of many fine art guilds and participates in fine art shows in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.

When she isn’t busy in her studio, Thieme is out in the barn with her horses. In the past, both she and her daughters have competed in competitive trail riding with their Morgan and Arabian horses. [By a Nose 12x24 oi]

“Watching my own horses in the pasture and how the light hits their muscles, or riding alone on a wood trail, we connect in a zone that I can only describe as magical,” she says. “I feel surrounded by landscape painting inspirations aboard my four-legged partner, who carries me to these beautiful vistas. So of course I include a horse or two in my landscapes.”


  • A listing of Jeanne Thieme’s awards and distinctions is listed below.
  • Awards and Distinctions:
  • EquiFair, Woodstock, Vermont–First Place in Painting
  • Trumbull Arts Festival, Trumbull, Connecticut–Best in Show
  • Matoon Arts Festival–Springfield, Massachusetts–First Place Painting
  • Keene, New Hampshire Art in the Park–First Place Watercolor
  • Andover, Massachusetts Art in the Park–First Place Painting
  • People’s Choice Award for The Palette Project in Woodstock, Vermont
  • Gala Fine Art Exhibit–Gardner, Massachusetts Second Place Oil
  • Gala Fine Art Exhibit–Gardner, Massachusetts First Place Watercolor
  • Trumbull Fine Arts Festival–Trumbull, Connecticut –First Place Oil
  • New Jersey Equine National Exhibit–60 pieces accepted nationally
  • Honorable Mention for Oil–Keene, New Hampshire Art in the Park
  • Oil painting selected for marketing the Palettes of Vermont project poster sponsored by the Vermont Arts Council